MARICAS Disco Mix by Queen Evelina.

02.04.20 - 21h

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Who are you?

I’m a club kid, music/dance lover and ex fashion stylist who unknowing of the impact it would have, first tried out to DJ 8 years ago with her high school best friend. Since then I never stopped to dj for a second and I always had music and dancing in my life but not entierly on my own terms.

As a stylist, the connection between music and visual appearance always played a major role, but later on I realised that the only person I wanted to dress up in glitter and rainbows was myself.

Realising that you can do whatever the **** you want is one of the most powerful feelings in the world.



How is this crisis affecting you?

Everything in my life is cancelled right now, music production school and gigs that I have been looking forward to for months that were important for my career. I have up until now had a life with almost no free time, always moving forward with new creative projects wich have now led to a minor existential crisis because I have all the time in the world. Right now I’m focusing on producing music and I am planning a move to France in September if thats even possible by then.

However, What i now know for 300% is that I miss clubs, dancing, music and Dj gigs more than anything else.

Tell me your favorite track at the moment.

One of the best new releases from Sweden right now, can’t wait to listen to this song all summer. The whole concept of business seems a bit trendy even.

Global Business - We’re In Business

Recommend us something else.

Dress up, drink wine and have skype dinner with your friends! Lets turn this shit around and continue as usual, online. 🌍

A bit off topic but since i mentioned Global Business (ex stock market workers turned music producer duo) earlier, now is a really good time to start investing in the stock market if you have not started any savings already. Trans/Women and especially creatives tend to miss out on investing in their future. You dont have to start with a lot, just as much as you feel like you could spare.

Economical liberty = Equality.