BABY LEVEL BOTANY: Multiplication of life with household resources.

16.04.20 - 19h


Who are you?

I am a queer woman, DJ and electronic music producer from France who just moved to Barcelona after 8 years in Berlin.

I make political techno hoping to raise consciousness of dancers while their brain is open and offered to the moment on subject like transphobia, homophobia, neo-liberal capitalism and its like to racism, patriarchy, the politics of the erotic, sisterhood, intersectionnality.

I wrote my first album at an artist residency in Detroit’s Underground Resistance studio. I started a fundraiser with feminist tshirts as tools of visibility for the womxn* in the industry and proceeds go to NGO fighting for marginalized disenfranchised humans. I’m a resident at Berlin’s fetish party Gegen.





How is this crisis affecting you?

Ufff.. it’s been really challenging my creativity, I thought the time stuck at home and in my studio would be the perfect opportunity to make music but i have been struggling to be inspired, motivated, light and confident, I think the heaviness of the situation is sucking all the free brain space in my brain to be creative. Which has been hard to accept.

I also know that once the confinement is over and activity will be back to “normal”, as a performing artist, my work opportunities depending directly on the gathering of people will be postponed for month as festivals and clubs will be the very last one to reopen. So looking at 6 months without income but also, as a person whose work is her whole calling and identity and not just a financial mean of survival, it raises the heavy existencial question : who am I if I don’t work??

Also, with the Guarda Urbana fining organisations distributing food to homeless and sin papeles and forbidding us to go take our community garden’s harvest to bring to neighborhood food bank, i feel powerless and defeated in the help we can provide.

Tell me your favorite track at the moment.

Honestly all of Doja Cat’s album “Hot Pink”! but I guess if I have to chooooose only two I will say Say So for the upbeat summery vibe that I need to breathe right now. 

And Boss Bitch to be reminded not to give in to the overwhelming pressure to shut up and accept what’s going on (and especially governments using this health crisis opportunity to legalise their authoritarian desires and restrict our liberties).

Recommend us something else.

How everything can collapse (book on collapsology to understand the world’s current situation).