EXPERIMENTAL TYPOGRAPHY: Drawing a letter up in a Tree

12.05.20 - 20h


Who are you?

I’m an experimental type designer, educator and artist based in Portland, Oregon. In the fall of 2019 I exhibited a sculptural project for my typeface GlyphWorld. My goal was to show that letterforms are synonymous to sculpture and are valuable mediums for human expression. I continue to advocate for type design as an artform and look for ways to support other experimental type designers.

I am currently working at Wieden and Kennedy as a studio designer doing a lot of custom type work. In my free time I am working on an educational project to help make type design a more accessible field for artists, designers, and even little kids :-)


How is this crisis affecting you?

Many of the independent businesses and arts institutions are closing permanently in my city. This is a huge blow to my community. I fear that corporate alternatives will fill the void and my community will fall prey to becoming another American strip mall land. 

Tell me your favorite track at the moment.

I do not speak French and have no idea what she is singing about, but it feels passionate and it makes me feel very happy everytime I listen. I also love her outfit in this video.

An Luu - Pourquoi tu m'fous plus des coups.

Recommend us something else.

My friend Robby is totally insane and has uploaded his entire brain to Arena. His channel is an incredible resource and feels like an independent library of information about creativity, design, art, mental health, general absurdity, music, and lots and lots of other things. If I am ever stuck on a project or want to know how to do something I go to his channel before I go to google.

My Friend Robby Day’s Arena account.